Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guess who's back

So, It has been awhile since my first post. I figure once a year should do just fine. Life has been crazy, it definetely isn't slowing down. The girls are growing like weeds. Madison is now in 2nd grade and preparing to be baptized in march. Natalie is in 1st grade and she is very smart and helpful. Emily and Jenny both go to pre-school and love it. They all are in cheer and gymnastics. Which alone keeps the household busy. Heidi is in her second year as the director of cheerleading for Gymcats in vegas. Her teams have doubled in size, and her All-Star team placed first at there last competition in Pheonix. Shelby just graduated from euphoria and is getting ready to test to be board certified. She has been very diligent and worked very hard to finish on-time. We are very proud of her. I am trying to figure out how to post pics of the girls. They look ridiculously cute in there cheer uniforms. I hope to be able to post more frequently with better stories and pics so this will be my goal this year. I should have plenty of time while at cheer and gymnastic performances.
Madison is excelling in gymnastics she has found a real passion, just like her momma. On the school front she did progress testing at her school and scored in the high 80's or 90's in every category except math. Amazingly she got 100% in math. She has had some dificulties focusing in the classroom, just like her dad, so its good to see that she gets whats going on. She is a fantastic oldest child and I couldnt have asked for better.
Natalie is doing very well in gymnastics, but seems to like cheer a little better, either way she always tries her hardest to everything perfect. She seems to add her humor into everything she does. The kid thinks she is the funniest little turd ever. In school she is steady, at the top of her class. She is very bright and always wanting to learn more. She is my little snuggler, although she does like to stoke the fire with the other girls. Always pushing buttons, I think she gets that from one of her aunts. Altogether she is very well rounded and very motivated.
Emily loves to go to the gym and pre-school, but her passion is the new puppy. I swear she thinks he is a doll. She is progressing very well with her reading and writing, and loves to show it off. Its crazy how fast they learn thing wether it be at the gym or in school. She has something new and great to show me that she can do everyday, now if I could only get her to flush the toilet.
Jenny is the wildest little monster ever and is going 100mph in everything she does. Whether it is eating cheerios or racing on the balance beam, it's either full-on or asleep. She is just about the funniest kid ever. She always has a smart@$$ answer for everything she does. If you ask her to make you a sandwhich she'll say her hands are to small, if you ask to give you a kiss she'll tell you mommy has 'em. She is very quick with the comebacks.
Like I said ill try and post pics and do better at keeping with this blog.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My First Blog

So here it goes,I will do my best to regularly update this. With the girls starting school soon, and heidi starting a job we should have plenty to write about.

You read right madison will be in 1st grade and natalie will be in kindergarten. They will be attending Silver Sands Montessori for k-8. With the maddie and natalie getting in it makes it so lillers and jen-jen will be able to go there to. Their cousin audrey also attends the school. Oh yeah until we move it is a 35 minute commute one way from our home in nlv to the school in henderson(lucky heidi).

Speaking of heidi she is working again,cuzz takin care of 4 kids isn't work, she was recently hired by Shine Dance studio. She will be teaching jazz, hip hop, and tumbling. its only supposed to be 3 hrs a week right now, but this week shes already logged in 10 hrs not counting today. So as you guessed we are now rollin in the dough. The studio is also in henderson, so yeah heidi, more driving.

We will be having a house guest soon. One of heidi's girls from caliente will be staying with us, and the girls are very excited to have one of the cheerleaders staying with us. So we will see ya soon shelby.

Other than that we are just counting down the days till school starts, heidi can't wait for the "vacation" to be over. This year she will only will have two monsters at home. That is when the real vacation begins.

As most of you know candy had her baby and will be in vegas on aug 10th, so if she owes you money come and get it. We are very,very excited to meet our newest neice skye rose.

As i progress with this blog i will try to post pics of us and things the girls are doing and hopefully i will get better with the writing.