Friday, July 23, 2010

My First Blog

So here it goes,I will do my best to regularly update this. With the girls starting school soon, and heidi starting a job we should have plenty to write about.

You read right madison will be in 1st grade and natalie will be in kindergarten. They will be attending Silver Sands Montessori for k-8. With the maddie and natalie getting in it makes it so lillers and jen-jen will be able to go there to. Their cousin audrey also attends the school. Oh yeah until we move it is a 35 minute commute one way from our home in nlv to the school in henderson(lucky heidi).

Speaking of heidi she is working again,cuzz takin care of 4 kids isn't work, she was recently hired by Shine Dance studio. She will be teaching jazz, hip hop, and tumbling. its only supposed to be 3 hrs a week right now, but this week shes already logged in 10 hrs not counting today. So as you guessed we are now rollin in the dough. The studio is also in henderson, so yeah heidi, more driving.

We will be having a house guest soon. One of heidi's girls from caliente will be staying with us, and the girls are very excited to have one of the cheerleaders staying with us. So we will see ya soon shelby.

Other than that we are just counting down the days till school starts, heidi can't wait for the "vacation" to be over. This year she will only will have two monsters at home. That is when the real vacation begins.

As most of you know candy had her baby and will be in vegas on aug 10th, so if she owes you money come and get it. We are very,very excited to meet our newest neice skye rose.

As i progress with this blog i will try to post pics of us and things the girls are doing and hopefully i will get better with the writing.


  1. Good job Joe!! Can't wait to see all your posts!!

  2. Good luck keeping it up to date. It's not as easy as you may think.